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What are Preorders and How They Can Make a Huge Impact for Your Favorite Authors

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We often share forthcoming children's books to give readers who can't wait to dive into the latest children's book releases a sneak peek of new books to look out for. When we post, the question sometimes arises - "What are preorders?"

We're sharing the answer to that question here, along with compelling reasons preordering can be a smart move for book lovers looking to discover new books and support their favorite authors.

What are Book Preorders?

Simply put, a preorder refers to the act of reserving and purchasing a product, such as a book, before it is officially released and available for general sale. Preorders are often available online through various retailers and platforms, both for physical copies and digital formats like eBooks and audiobooks. Once the book is officially released, preordered copies are typically shipped or delivered digitally to the individuals who placed the orders, allowing them to access the book on or shortly after its release date.

Why Preorders Matter

Preordering books can have several benefits for both readers and authors. For readers, it ensures they receive the book as soon as it's available, sometimes even on the release date itself. For authors and publishers, preorders can help generate buzz and interest in a book before it hits the market, influencing initial sales figures and potentially leading to higher visibility in bestseller lists and book rankings.

The Benefits of Preordering Books

1. Secure Your Copy Early:

Preordering children's books allows you to secure your copy before the release date. No need to rush to the bookstore or wait for restocks—your book will be on its way to your doorstep as soon as it's out, ensuring you're among the first to experience the magic.

2. Influence Book Success:

Your preorder isn't just a purchase; it's a vote of confidence in the author and their work. Publishers pay attention to preorder numbers, often determining the initial print run and marketing efforts based on demand. By preordering, you become an influential part of a book's success.

3. Empower Diverse Voices:

Preordering is a fantastic way to support diverse voices and stories. By preordering children's books that celebrate different cultures, identities, and experiences, you amplify the demand for inclusive content. Your contribution encourages publishers to invest in more diverse storytelling.

4. Exclusive Bonuses Await:

Many publishers reward preorders with exclusive goodies. From limited editions and signed copies to bonus content like maps, artwork, or behind-the-scenes insights, these extras transform your reading experience into a unique journey.


Discover the joy of preordering and become a part of the driving force behind stories that touch hearts, inspire young minds, and shape the world of children's literature.


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