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Ten Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Buying a book can have a huge impact on the book's success, but supporting your favorite authors doesn't always mean spending money.

Did you know that many authors are tasked with promoting their own books? It's true. Not every author is afforded marketing budgets to make sure the world sees their works of art. Community support matters!

Why Your Support Matters

When you support your favorite authors, you're showing them and the publishing industry just how much their books are needed. You're showing that their work is in demand, which can be helpful the next time the author seeks a publishing deal.

Ten Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

Show your favorite authors some love and help to give their books a boost with these simple tips ...and be sure to download and share the printable below to inspire others to do the same.

  1. Share a picture of their book online: Show your support by snapping a photo of their book and sharing it on your social media to let the world know about this captivating read.

  2. Follow them on social media: Stay connected with their author journey. Follow them on social media to receive updates on new releases, events, and insights into their creative process.

  3. Like, share, and comment on their posts: Engage with their content by liking, sharing, and leaving thoughtful comments. Your interaction helps boost their visibility and encourages more readers to discover their work.

  4. Borrow their book from your local library: Accessible to everyone, borrowing their book from the local library not only supports them but also introduces their story to a wider audience.

  5. Subscribe to their newsletter: Stay in the loop by subscribing to their newsletter. Receive exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and be the first to know about their upcoming projects.

  6. Nominate their book for an award: Recognize their exceptional storytelling by nominating their book for awards. Your endorsement can bring their work to the attention of literary enthusiasts and industry professionals.

  7. Share their newsletter with others: Spread the word by sharing their newsletter with fellow book lovers. Your recommendation can extend their reach and connect them with more readers.

  8. Tell your friends about their book: Personal recommendations are invaluable. Let your friends know about their book, sharing your excitement for the characters and adventures within its pages.

  9. Suggest their book for your book club: Elevate your book club discussions by suggesting their book as the next captivating read. Your recommendation can lead to enriching conversations and a broader audience for their work.

  10. Shout them out on your social media pages: Celebrate their literary achievements by giving them a shoutout on your social media platforms. Your endorsement can inspire others to explore their stories and support their journey.

Download and share these graphics to inspire others to support authors too.

Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

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