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Making a Splash: 6 New Picture Books That Capture the Joy of Swimming

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The Best new Children's Books

These delightful reads are perfect for young water enthusiasts and those looking to cool off from the summer heat. From underwater adventures to poolside fun, each book immerses readers in the excitement and joy of swimming.

However, as we delve into these delightful reads, it's important to acknowledge that children of color often have high rates of not knowing how to swim. Historical factors such as racist people and laws, limited access to pools and swimming lessons in marginalized communities, and stereotypes perpetuated by media have contributed to this disparity.

By featuring diverse characters and stories that depict children of color enjoying swimming, these picture books play a vital role in promoting representation, breaking down barriers, and encouraging water safety and proficiency among all children.

Let's make a splash towards a more inclusive and water-confident future for children of all backgrounds.

For your convenience, we've included publisher's descriptions along with each book.

A gently powerful story about taking your time with new experiences.

"When we went to a beach, my tummy felt tight. but it still felt wrong inside.

Definitely... possibly... Perhaps I'd swim - next time."

At first the big blue sea makes them feel small and scared. Then the child visits a lake and a river, and their fear of water gradually starts to ebb as curiosity begins to flow.

A wonderful book for any child who is feeling nervous about new experiences, with lyrical words by Emily Joof and bold, dynamic illustrations by Matilda Ruta.

A joyful, encouraging ode to a mother and son's relationship and the unforgettable experience of a child's first swimming lessons.

Jumping into the water can be more than a little scary! But with Mom's steady arms there's no fear of sinking. With a kick, a splash, and his family's cheers of encouragement, one determined boy finds his groove, making waves in this fun-filled day at the pool.

Embrace the feeling of accomplishment in this joyous, reassuring story about perseverance and new experiences. With lyrical rhyming text and vibrant illustrations, Together We Swim is destined to become a family read-aloud favorite!

VIBRANT & JOYFUL: Rhythmic text paired with dynamically illustrated kicks, flutters, and splashes against a palette of deep blue create a bright portrait that is both encouraging and warm for any child learning to swim.

A HELPFUL GUIDE FOR NEW SWIMMERS: The perfect book for any child facing nervous excitement or trepidation about learning to swim!

THE JOY OF A FIRST SWIM LESSON: Who can forget the first time they learned how to swim? This book is a nostalgic nod for parents and one they will be eager to share with their young one learning how to swim.

A GREAT READ ALOUD: This lyrical, upbeat text is a great fit for story time in any household.

PERFECT GIFT FOR MOM: If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift or a birthday gift for mom, look no further! She will love the child/parent relationship portrayed in these pages!

A reverent celebration of learning to swim among a diverse cast of children and families who each experience the mysterious joys of water in nature.

In this exploration of what it truly means to swim, expansive vignettes introduce sandpipers, tannin-soaked lakes, and the feeling of a small waterfall on sun-soaked shoulders. But what about those who are afraid of the water's mysterious ways and resist learning to swim?

Painting a compelling picture of the many joys and surprises that the water holds, artist and author Jack Wong has delivered an empowering, poetic journey that invites children to discover their confidence within to receive the warmth and wonder of the natural world.

On a hot day, people come from all over the city to spend the day at the pool in this joyful picture book that's a love song to summer, the city, community, and staying cool!

Today is a pool day in the city! The sun is shining, so what are you waiting for? Friends and family. Kids and grandparents.

Big bodies and small bodies. Everybody is welcome at our pool! Get ready for swimming and splashing, zigzagging and dunking, and racing and laughing.

From Newbery Honor author Rajani LaRocca comes a celebration of extended family and summertime fun

Summer is for cousins.

Mom and Dad,

Two uncles, two aunties,

Thatha and Pati,

Seven cousins,

All of us are together.

Ravi can't wait to spend summer vacation at the lake house with his family--especially his cousins! Summer vacation is for days at the beach, long hikes, paddleboarding, and--of course--ice cream. Ravi and his oldest cousin, Dhruv, had the same favorite flavor last year, but everything feels different now.

Dhruv's much taller and his voice is deeper. Ravi's worried that Dhruv won't be interested in spending time with him, the little cousin. The ice cream shop doesn't even have their favorite flavor this year. But on the last night of vacation, the cousins decide to make dinner, and Ravi's in charge of dessert. He only has one special thing in mind!

This picture book all about summertime fun celebrates the resilient bond between extended family members.

Swimming is a very important skill! Pool Day shares the experience of a young girl learning to swim and overcoming her fears about being in water. Despite feeling frustrated, she builds courage to face her worries with the encouragement of her family who help her to build confidence to achieve her goals!


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