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The Author's Nook: Get to Know Author Stephanie Perry Moore

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The Author's Nook is a series on the Helping Kids Rise blog that introduces authors (and their books) to our amazing book loving community. We've supplied the featured authors with nine optional prompts to answer and have shared their responses below. We hope this series helps our readers discover new authors to support and new books to enjoy. Without further ado, please welcome Author Stephanie Perry Moore to the Author's Nook.


When did you realize you wanted to become a published author?

So fun fact, in middle school was when I knew I wanted to write for television and film. I wrote an episode of the Cosby Show, and I wrote Grease III. These were just me playing around, but the tug and pull to be a writer was born.

Diverse Children's Book
Stephanie Perry Moore

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Imagining the story is my favorite part of the writing process. I see the story in my mind, then I just go to town with an outline. Finding the best beginning to hopefully reel people in gets me excited.

Share about your latest project. What inspired it?

I'm excited about my new Magic Strong series. This book was a tough one to get out there. After writing seventy-five books without stop for twenty years, I've gone five years without having a new book published.

There are lots of reasons for that... Covid, personal, moving, empty nesting, lots of loss... and sales numbers. I realize that publishing is a business, so I'm now committed to not just writing the books but marketing them as well.

Stephanie Perry Moore Books for kids Diverse Chapter Books Magic Strong featuring Black Boy Character

I was inspired to write this series by the large number of elementary schools with low academic scores. This series was written to help change that.

Magic Strong is the main character in the series. He loves learning new things. The problem is that Magic does not pick-up subjects as easy as others. Thanks to his cool small group teacher, Mr. Gray, Magic is able to use his wild imagination to take him to fun places where he is able to better understand the skills he needs to succeed. Each adventure is a time for the students to explore and have a blast while reading. Magic Strong aims to let nothing stop him from being all he can be.

Part of the Helping Kids Rise mission is to empower young readers. How does your work exemplify that mission?

Many students who don't read on grade level, need high interest books that are written on a lower grade level. The Magic Strong series was created to be uplifting, but easy to read and understand as well. When students read the books and master the concepts taught in them, they will feel more empowered to continue reading and achieving.

Magic Strong Series The Cool and the Strong Stephanie Perry Moore Derrick Moore NFL Diverse Chapter Books for Kids SCETV GoFundMe

What goals or dream collaborations do you have for your books/writing career?

Turning my books, and especially the Magic Strong series is something that I am currently working on. Read about the Magic Strong series Stephanie is working on in collaboration with several partners including PBS (SCETV).

How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

I'm a huge fan of Asian dramas. If I'm not watching those programs, I'm listening to gospel music and watching some SEC football.

Share a favorite quote or words of wisdom that inspire you.

"It's great when those that CAN... DO!" Stephanie Perry Moore

Do you have any tips for children who want to become writers?

My advice would be to remember these concepts: YOU CAN, THINK BIG,


Magic Strong Stephanie Perry Moore Chapter Books Struggling Readers Black Authors

More about the Magic Strong series: Magic Strong is a third grader who likes to learn about new subjects. In these wonderfully illustrated stories, he and his buddies, twins Rex and Reva, love coming to Mr. Gray's class. This inspiring teacher takes them on magical journeys that help them understand subjects better.

Each book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.

Magic Strong Titles and Focus Areas:

Circus Web (English)

Space Rocket (Science)

Capital Wand (Social Studies)

Stephanie Perry Moore South Carolina Gamecocks SCETV Magic Strong Go Fund Me

Stephanie Perry Moore has over 75 titles with over 1,000,000 copies sold. She is the trailblazing author of the Payton Skky Series, the first African American Christian teen series.

She is a graduate in Marketing from Auburn University. Also, she has a certificate in film from Georgia Film Academy and has worked on several TV projects. Mrs. Moore has co-written titles with her husband, Derrick Moore, who is a former NFL player and current Executive Director of Player Development for the University of South Carolina. They have three new adults. She enjoys speaking in schools across the country and writing to make a difference in young lives. Where you can find Stephanie Perry Moore: Website | Instagram | Twitter


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Kieley Gayle
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