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5 Simple Tips for Adding More Reading to Your Child's Day

Updated: May 31, 2023

Reading is one of the best ways to expand a child's world. Reading helps children explore their imagination and encourages them to dream big. Here are simple ways to expose your child to more reading each day.

5 Simple Tips for Adding More Reading to Your Child's Day

Read while you wait

Life is full of waiting. You wait at the doctor's office, the grocery store, and sometimes at a restaurant. Reading is a great way to spend that time. It helps pass the time quickly and is an opportunity to share a great book too.

Listen to your books

Audiobooks count! Turn on an audiobook while riding in the car, cleaning the house, or taking a walk.

Visit the library often

Most local libraries have a large variety of free activities and resources for the community. Consider getting a library card to gain access to books that can be checked out in person and online for most libraries (using apps like Hoopla and Libby).

Make it fun

Books offer tons of opportunity for fun and when reading is fun, children are encouraged to read more. Act out the stories or make fun sound effects that keep your child engaged. You can even extend the learning by doing an activity based on the story you read.

Keep books nearby

There is no shortage of great books to explore. Grab one, two, or three and keep them nearby (in places like your bag, car, or bathroom). Make reading an easy choice by always having a book in reach.

The Stories Children Read Matters Too

Reading diverse stories opens a child's mind to different people, places, and cultures. It can help build empathy and understanding. We live in a beautifully diverse world and books can help children appreciate the similarities and differences that make living in it an exciting adventure.



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