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22 Notable Picture Book Biographies Published in 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Picture book biographies are one the best ways to help readers connect with people they might otherwise feel they have little to nothing in common with. The picture books listed here were all published in 2022 and are great introductions to the people featured in them.

This list is complete with titles, author, illustrators, and links to learn more about the books. Tap on the book cover, then swipe to scroll through these beautiful book covers! Happy reading!


Finding my Dance Children's Book Ria Thrundercloud
Because Claudette by Tracey Baptiste, illus by Tonya Engel

...and just a few more past the twenty-two

Ablaze with color children's book about alma thomas Black history picture book art

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Author Chris Barton reads aloud from Moving Forward, an inspiring nonfiction picture book. Meet activist Alton Yates, an Air Force veteran who dedicated his life to propelling America forward—from space travel to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond.


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