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10 Powerful Benefits of Reading that Everyone Should Know

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Children who learn to read early, learn to love reading

Reading can have a huge impact on a child's life. Studies show that books in the home are the single biggest indicator of academic success - surpassing income, parents' education, family composition, and all other factors. That's why having access to books and making time to read is so important at every stage of life.

10 Powerful Benefits of Reading that Everyone Should Know

  1. Reading together helps families develop closer relationships with one another.

  2. Reading expands your vocabulary, which helps expand understanding and the ability to express oneself.

  3. Reading opens your mind to new people and places and helps to build empathy.

  4. Reading is relaxing and stress reducing.

  5. Reading helps flex critical thinking skill muscles as readers seek to figure out what happens next in the story.

  6. Reading teaches children social emotional skills as they read about diverse relationships, situations, and personalities.

  7. Reading enhances your imagination.

  8. Reading improves concentration and focus.

  9. Reading increases general knowledge about a variety of subjects.

  10. Reading creates a foundation for learning other subjects (math, science, etc.)

One Final Thought

One of the most overlooked benefits of reading is its ability to entertain! When you find the right book, reading is so much fun! If you're looking for your next great read, browse our booklists or our blog for diverse books for every age. While our mission is primarily focused on little readers, you'll find a few young adult and adult books on our lists too (Good Reads for Adults, Revolutionary Thoughts, Parenting).

...and remember to support local libraries by visiting, signing up for a library card, and borrowing a few good reads. Libraries rock and they're free! Happy reading!

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