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Diverse Books For All Ages

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Fun and Educational YouTube Channels for Kids That Feature Diverse Characters

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Many adults grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons like The Flintstones and Tom & Jerry or Barney and Blues Clues. Today, children are watching streaming services like YouTube.

Diverse YouTube channels for kids created by Black people featuring Black characters

Our first choice for entertainment is a good book *insert smile*, but there are times when kicking back and watching a show is what the heart desires most.

Just as with books, we look for diversity and positive representation across all media, including YouTube. These fun and educational YouTube channels, created by Black creators, feature diverse characters, stories, and experiences for every family to enjoy.

We've included descriptions from each of the YouTube channels and direct links to the channels too. We always suggest that parents preview all media and closely monitor what's being consumed to ensure it aligns with their values.

Looking for read aloud ideas? Visit these fabulous book lists:

Gracie's Corner is a YouTube channel for kids. It provides a combination of educational, fun, and encouraging songs for children from diverse backgrounds. Come sing and dance with Gracie as she takes a fun imaginary journey with family and friends!

Tabithat Brown Tab Time Trailer Black Youtube Originals for Kids

TAB TIME is a series for all kids - but geared towards preschoolers ages 3 to 5 and their parents - and it stars Tabitha Brown, an actress, vegan foodie, and mother who has become one of the most visible social media personalities today.

Tabitha Brown, or "Ms. Tab," taps into her natural capabilities as a cook, storyteller, mom, and motivational leader to teach children how to live their best life; children can learn with Super Cool Experts (celebrity guests) in Tab's Lab as well as complete crafts with DJ Khrafty.

Through the lenses of kindness and confidence, TAB TIME will explore themes such as family, helping others, music, how things grow, and mistakes. Ms. Tab won’t shy away from the tough stuff while always keeping topics dynamic and fun!

The Proudest Blue The Kindest Red Childrens Book

Bino and Fino is a cartoon series about a brother and sister named Bino and Fino who live with their family in Nigeria. Bino and Fino have many adventures where, with the help of their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly, they discover and learn about Africa and rest of the world.

Join JoJo and Gran Gran on lots of adventures and travel through the different seasons!

JoJo is an inquisitive and cheerful almost five-year-old who lives in London. Her wise and loving Gran Gran (grandmother) looks after her while her parents work. Gran Gran teaches JoJo about the many wonders of life and the world, such as cookery, friendship and her Saint Lucian heritage. Gran Gran always has something fun planned to do when JoJo comes to visit.

JOOLS TV® is an animated children's YouTube channel that focuses on Edu-tainment (education and entertainment), consisting of adventures, learning, and music.

The channel straddles the line between genres with fresh and dynamic characters and an engaging story set in the world of imagination. The show recreates your favorite nursery rhymes (in our case, TRAPERY Rhymes™️) and fairy tales, which then collides with the world of hip-hop/trap culture. The show is produced from the Brim family's Chicago home.

JOOLS TV® fills a void of representation and diversity in animation and children's content. The channel was created to inspire and encourage kids to dream big and to know that their imagination is limitless.

Dr. Anthony Broughton (MiSTER B) is an author, speaker, consultant, workshop/keynote presenter and children's music artist who advocates and promotes culturally responsive approaches to teaching and learning! This channel provides samples of Dr. Broughton's (affectionally known by children as "MiSTER B") interactive approaches to learning concepts. Dr. B promotes early literacy, mathematics, and social-emotional learning.

At Chasin’ Clouds Daycare, the Tunies’ songs are always educational and contemporary, connecting kids, families, and generations through music and imagination!

Led by lead singer, Avery, the Tunies are a musical group of preschool friends from all different walks of life. Together they demonstrate the importance of friendship, teamwork, and early childhood developmental milestones through music. Sing along with Rex, Bella, Rio, Frankie, Bianca, and Avery, as they learn and work together! Whether it's remembering to say please and thank you, staying safe, or learning the importance of seizing your moment, the Tunies have it covered!



Have you ever wanted to be a leader? This special animated compilation of Being a Leader/Good Manners encourages viewers to think about what being a leader means. It’s not as simple as just ordering people around, as Ms. Tab finds out - you have to use encouragement and patience.


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Libro.FM Diverse Childrens Audiobooks for Kids Audible books for kids

Libro.FM Diverse Childrens Audiobooks for Kids Audible books for kids

Libro.FM Diverse Childrens Audiobooks for Kids Audible books for kids


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