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Like Lava in My Veins: A Picture Book in a Comic Book Format That Kids Will Love

Like Lava in my Veins Derrick Barnes

Title: Like Lava in My Veins

Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House)

Recommended Reading Ages: 5-8 years

Where to order: BOOKSHOP

Published: July 4, 2023


All it takes is a loving teacher to help a boy get control of his sizzling superpowers, in this vibrant picture book by bestselling author Derrick Barnes.

Bobby Beacon's got fire flowing through his veins. And now he's psyched to attend a new school that'll help him get a better grip on his powers. But right off the bat, his new teacher is not too welcoming. That causes Bobby's hot temper to land him in the principal's office. It ain't easy to stay calm when people don't seem to understand you and are always pushing you to the edge. Good thing Bobby gets moved to a class with an understanding teacher who clues him in on ways to calm himself and shows him that caring for others is its own kind of superpower. With her help--and some cool new friends--he just might be on his way to becoming the best version of himself possible.


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