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HBCU Love: Children's Books that Celebrate Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Black child giving a mother a handmade card with a heart on it -The Best Diverse Children's and Picture Books for Mother's Day

In an increasingly diverse world, representation matters more than ever. Children's books play a crucial role in shaping young minds, instilling values, and expanding their worldview.

When it comes to showcasing the beauty and significance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), children's books are a powerful tool.

By providing narratives that highlight the experiences, achievements, and rich history of HBCUs, these literary gems offer children a chance to celebrate their culture, embrace their heritage, and dream of a future where possibilities are limitless.


All of the picture books featured here are written by Black authors and are perfect for celebrating HBCUs. For your convenience, we've included publisher's descriptions along with each book.

Homecoming is a children's book that celebrates the HBCU Homecoming experience. Join this family as they head back to the yard to enjoy Homecoming festivities such as a football game, Greek life, and a marching band.

There's more after an HBCU Homecoming! Learn about all the different aspects about a college campus. There is so much learn about HBCU culture. Meet new characters on the yard and the classrooms.

During Spring Break, Q's aunt, Tru Evans, decides to take him to a new destination - an HBCU. As Q explores the life of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, he learns to gain meaning of the phrase "HBCU Proud".

All that our protagonist knew of an HBCU is that his entire family loved Legacy University, since they're all alumni! But will Q find his own love for Black Colleges?

Follow along as Q learns about the history of HBCUs, the relevance of HBCUs in our society today, and the importance for fighting to preserve our legacy.


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