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Five Ways to Celebrate Black Children's Book Week + Resources

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

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Visit the Black Children's Book Week website for the most up to date information on the yearly celebration.


(Note: This post was first published February 2022 - but the information here is still relevant and the resources are still valid)

The inaugural Black Children's Book Week is headed our way and we've rounded up some fun and easy ways to join in the celebration. But first, you might be wondering, "What is Black Children's Book Week?" and "Why is it needed?"

WHAT: Veronica N. Chapman, founder of Black Baby Books, created the week to celebrate Black children and the people who make sure they are positively represented in books and other media. Veronica enlisted a committee to help cultivate ideas and to host events throughout the week. The inaugural committee includes: Ciara Hill, Keeana S. Saxon, Charnie Gordon, Marcella Runell Hall, and Chapman.

WHY: Veronica is on a mission "to make the world better for Black children." Black Children's Book Week is a way to combat any negative ideology Black children receive through media/society and instead give the children a collective showering of love and celebration.

More about the celebration from the Black Children's Book Week website:

Black Children’s Book Week is a global celebration of Black children and the people who ensure Black children are represented in books and other children’s media. The week is administered by Black Baby Books, a platform that makes it easier to discover children’s books with Black characters. We invite everyone to join us in our inaugural celebration: parents, guardians, authors, illustrators, publishers, educators, librarians, businesspeople, community advocates, and other advocates for Black children. Join the celebration! Black Children’s Book Week will start every year on the last Sunday in February.


1. Read books that celebrate Black life. We have several posts on our blog that share books about Black people, culture, and accomplishments. One of the most popular posts is the 28 picture book biographies for the 28 days in Black History Month. All of the books are written by Black people and are perfect for learning about and celebrating Black life all year long.

2. Download and complete our Black History Reading Challenge. It's free and it's available all year long - because learning Black history is a 365 days a year event. The Black History Challenge is a fun way to learn about Black people and history and to celebrate Black achievements.

3. Help us get quality children's books into more hands. We help increase access to diverse children's books by donating books to local organizations and by adding mission related books to Little Free Libraries. To help support our mission and to learn more about what we're doing visit our Book Drive page.

4. Attend one of the events being hosted in celebration of Black Children's Book Week. All of the events can be found here: Events Page. Some events are in person, and many are virtual, which makes it easier for everyone to find something they can support.

5. Support a Black owned bookstore, author, organization, or media outlet that advocates for positive representation of Black children. Support could be making a purchase, giving a shout out, or commenting, liking, and sharing their social media posts.

Your turn: How will you celebrate Black Children's Book Week?

"...a week to celebrate Black children and the people who make sure they are positively represented in books and other media."

Here is a list of ideas from the Black Children's Book Week committee:

Click the graphic to learn more about the Black History Book Challenge

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