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The Gigantic List of Diverse Books Published December 2022 (+ Free Printable)

Updated: Jan 28

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The holiday season is here and along with it comes a ton of diverse children's books to help bring the year to a close. There are books that represent a variety of communities and cultures. Stacey Abrams is back with follow up to Stacey's Extraordinary Words. Her new book, Stacey's Remarkable Books, is an inspiring tale about the life changing power of books. Fans of the wildly popular Happy Hair book series by Mechal Renee Roe will be excited to check out her new book, Smart Sisters. This new picture book celebrates the bond between confident and empowered sisters and best friends.

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This resource list is a labor of love that includes publisher's descriptions along with links for more information. This list doesn't include all of the books publishing November 2022. These are the books on our radar that were submitted by publishers, authors, and the Helping Kids Rise community. If you notice a book that fits our mission that is not featured here, please send us an email to let us know. We'll be happy to update this list to include them.

Be on the lookout for our most notable books published in 2022 book list coming soon.


Books Published December 6, 2022

Updated as we receive submissions

In a rhythmic celebration of sport and play, four-time Grand Slam champion and tennis superstar Naomi Osaka shares key steps to becoming a true champ, including being kind, working as a team, doing your best, and most importantly, having fun.

At Play Academy,

We love to move.

That's why we play.

We are champs and we play all day!

Inspired by Osaka's game-changing program Play Academy, which instills confidence in and provides resources to young girls through sports, The Way Champs Play is an exciting and inspiring anthem for all kids in and out of the classroom who want to PLAY ALL DAY!

Use this book to:

Discuss different types of sports. Talk with children about good sports(wo)manship. Encourage kids to engage in sport and play for their overall health and happiness.

And more!

This Little Golden Book features beautiful illustrations and rhyming text about colors, plus a social justice theme that encourages Black children to celebrate themselves.

Beautiful colors--look up and look down.

Beautiful babies in all shades of brown.

This delightful concept book doesn't just teach colors--it does so with a focus on brown as a celebration and a validation of Black children. As beautiful Black babies play together in a park, they discover yellow flowers, red berries, green grass, and more. This Little Golden Book offers a way for families with very young children to begin addressing themes of diversity and equality.

This empowering board book inspires young readers to use their own special voice to make a difference in the world.

If you want to make a difference,

but you don't know where to start

Begin by searching way deep down

to find what's in your heart

Whether your voice shines through singing, drawing, or dancing--whether it's soft or loud, kind or proud--everyone has a voice that can effect change. This empowering and heartfelt message is conveyed through beautiful, lyrical rhyme that will encourage even the youngest readers to think about what's important to them.

This first book in the Brown Baby Parade series celebrates Black and brown babies and delivers a universal message of love, letting all babies know that they are cherished from head to toe.

Love is in the bathroom when Daddy combs my hair.

He picks out my Afro and clips in bows with care.

Love is in the kitchen. We all sit down to eat--

waffles, milk, and sausage, and yummy syrup sweet.

A little girl observes the ways that love is shown and shared throughout her day. From Sister's kisses when she wakes to eating breakfast with her family and playing with friends at school, love is all around.

Nikki Shannon Smith's soothing, rhythmic text and Ronique Ellis's warm, welcoming illustrations pair beautifully to create heartwarming scenes of everyday life. It's never too early to show little ones that they are valued and cherished, and this book does just that.

Harriet Tubman by Janay Brown- Wood, Illustrated by Robert Paul Jr.

Inspire and educate your little one with a Little Golden Book biography about Harriet Tubman! It's the perfect introduction to nonfiction for preschoolers.

This Little Golden Book about Harriet Tubman--a true hero who helped to free enslaved Black people as a conductor on the Underground Railroad--is an inspiring read-aloud for young children.


Books Published December 13, 2022

Updated as we receive submissions

The companion to the #1 New York Times bestseller and NAACP Image Award winner Stacey's Extraordinary Words, from political leader Stacey Abrams and artist Kitt Thomas.