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Root Magic: a Middle Grade Story Full of Gullah Geechee Tradition and Folklore

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Title: Root Magic by Eden Royce

Publisher: Walden Pond Press (a Harper Collins Imprint)

Recommended Grades: 3-7

Where to order: Bookshop Here Amazon: Here

Book Description

Root Magic is the story of twins, Jay and Jezebel, growing up on Wadmalaw in the 1960s. Charleston’s schools are being integrated; change and unrest are in the air, both in the broader world and at home. Their beloved grandmother has just died, and their uncle decides its time for these 11 year olds to learn their grandmother’s secrets — her potions, her root work.

“I’ve written this book really just to explore stories I grew up hearing from my family members. I wanted to put out work that is very Southern, but also says that the Black experience isn’t a monolith. There are variations,” Royce said.  (read more via Charleston City Paper)


Disclaimer: we haven't had a chance to read Root Magic yet, but we love the idea of it. Being born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, my Gullah Geechee culture is close to my heart. Like many other Geechee folk, I grew up being teased for the way I talked. Despite being surrounded by the culture, there were little to no efforts of it being taught in schools. Thankfully, I grew to appreciate the language, food ways, and traditions that live inside me and I work hard to spread that pride to the young people I work with today. Root Magic is yet another tool to use to spread that pride and I'm over the moon excited about it.

Add Root Magic to your to be read (TBR) list today! We sure did. This book publishes January 2021. Ordering is available now.

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