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I'm From Everywhere: The Adventurous Life of a Military Kid

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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Where are you from? Such a simple question, but one that can send a military kid into a spiral. When you've lived in almost as many places as the years you've been alive, answering that question can seem impossible. When Jamal is asked "Where are you from?" on his first day at a new school, he knows just what to say.

About the book:

Jamal is from everywhere. That's what he tells his new teacher and classmates when they ask. At first they're a little confused, but as Jamal points to the map and shares his experiences as a military kid, everything begins to make sense. He's lived in South Carolina, Spain, Hawaii, and more. He's also endured his dad's deployments away from family. He classmates are in awe of his travels, but for Jamal, it's just an adventurous way of life he's come to enjoy.


Military kids are a special kind of resilient. It's so great to have a children's book that celebrates the adventures and sacrifices military families make in support of their active duty loved ones.

Anyone who has had any experience with military life will absolutely love and appreciate this book! It perfectly sums up the joys (and sometimes sacrifices) of being a military family. Author: Bird Collier @thebirdhouselive on Facebook and Instagram.

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