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Diverse Book Bingo Makes Reading Fun For Kids (Free Printable Reading Game)

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Encourage children to read and make it fun with this free diverse Book Bingo printable. Grab a book because it’s time for Book Bingo!

If you know someone who loves to read, they’re going to love this fun Book Bingo game. And if you know someone who doesn’t love to read, this free Book Bingo game can help make reading fun.

Not only is this Book Bingo tons of fun and free, it's also full of great prompts to help little readers diversify their reading. Reading diverse children's books can introduce children to worlds outside of their own and can also foster a spirit of empathy, kindness, and acceptance.

So, head to your local library, favorite bookshop, or grab an audiobook for some of the best diverse children's books like Nigel and the Moon and Eyes that Speak to the Stars then you're all set to start reading! And if you need a little help finding books to fill the spaces, check out these posts for some fun ideas:

A few tips for using this Book Bingo printable

1. Help little readers set a reading/game completion goal.

2. Visit the library or browse online catalogs often so that books are available when kids are ready to read.

3. Read, read, read. The more kids read, the more reward they get from filling their charts.

4. If you choose to, you could give prizes. You could give a small prize for getting BINGO (5 across or 5 down) and an extra special prize for filling in the entire card. It's completely up to you. Just make sure the prizes are something that the kids really want to earn.

5. However you choose to use this printable, remember to celebrate your little reader!


Here are some of the days that are celebrated in this month's book bingo game:

  • Labor Day: 1st Monday in September

  • National Read a Book Day: September 6th

  • Grandparent's Day: 1st Sunday following Labor Day

  • National Food Bank Day: 1st Friday in September

  • National Library Card Sign-Up MONTH

  • National Day of Encouragement: September 12th

  • Autumn Equinox (changes yearly): September 22, 2022

  • National Family Day: 4th Monday in September

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month Sep 15-Oct 15

Which other days are you celebrating this month? Try to find and read a book that coincides with it!





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