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Crush Your Summer Reading Goals With These Fun Ideas

Help kids retain what they've learned this school year and enhance their vocabulary by making reading a regular part of your summer plans.

Here are some ideas to help your family crush your summer reading goals. 1. Join your local library summer reading program 2. Join community reading programs (Barnes & Noble, TD Bank, etc.) 3. Schedule regular library visits 4. Let kids choose the books they want to read 5. Create a family book club complete with fun discussion nights 6. Read books that have been made into a movie, then watch the movie 7. Read books to your child even if they are independent readers 8. Read books about a place, then visit the place. 9. Set a designated reading time for the family 10. Snacks! Always have snacks. Snacks magically get kids excited about reading. 😁 Sign up for free resources and giveaways all summer long.

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