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Author Spotlight: The Award Winning Carole Boston Weatherford

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Award winning author Carole Boston Weatherford has created dozens of children's books that celebrate African American children and African American life. Her body of work is very extensive. After finding out that she would be visiting our home state of South Carolina, we decided to create a post to celebrate her work.

"I want my books to nudge young readers toward justice. I want children to celebrate African American culture, while at the same time acknowledging the most shameful chapters of our nation’s past-slavery and segregation. I hope that my young readers understand that freedom was not free and that people of conscience must speak their minds and live their values." -Carole Boston Weatherford This quote comes from an interview with The Brown Bookshelf, a great blog that celebrates Black authors. Please visit their site and support their work.

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