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The Dot: Encouraging Creativity and Self Confidence (Book Review)

The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

Ages: everyone

Grades: all grades

Peter H. Reynold's mission was to create a book that inspired all kids to reach their potential. He hit the mark with The Dot!

Readers are quickly connected to Vashti (the main character) as she struggles with self doubt and her ability to draw. Vashti's teacher encourages Vashti to start with just one small dot, which she reluctantly does.

As the story unfolds we cheer for Vashti as her self doubt grows into confidence and belief in herself.

Growth Mindset

The Dot encourages readers to push past self doubt to discover what they are capable of. I really liked the growth mindset component of the book. Instead of giving up or settling, readers learn to stick in there when things get hard.

The Dot has been so well received that it's been published in many different languages and even has an entire day dedicated to it. International Dot Day is a day to "make your mark" and encourage others to do the same. Read more here.

Thanks to our friends at Candlewick Press for sharing this fun children's book with us.


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