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Take the Stress out of Finding Activities and Educational Support For Your Child

As a military spouse and mom, I've felt the anxiety that comes with a move to a new duty station many times. While there's excitement of having new experiences and meeting new people, there's a lot of stress about making sure my kids transitioned well.

After the second or third move, I began to streamline my methods for finding arts, athletics, and educational activities for my kids. Through trial and error, I found out what works and what doesn't work. I knew I had hit the jackpot when my friends (and friends of friends) started calling me for help with their children's activities.

Some needed help because they were making moves to new areas, but that's not the only circumstance that caused parents to need help. Some parents needed help when their child was struggling in a school that didn't offer the specialized programs their child needed. Others needed help simply because their child had a new interest, but the parent didn't know how to find the opportunities.


STEP ONE: Be PROACTIVE in your PARENTING! Identify the programs, schools, or activites you need. Good resources to use are the Internet, Review Websites such as Great Schools, Social Media, Books, or other Parents.

STEP TWO: Record the contact info for the program you've set your sights on; things like names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses are important to note.

STEP THREE: Call for details. If no answer, send an email, and if no luck with either, and you're really interested, stop by.

STEP FOUR: If whomever you corresponded with in Step Three wasn't forthcoming with information or didn't have the information you need, Go Back to STEP TWO to find alternative contact information.

STEP FIVE: Continue to follow the steps until you get the information you need.

These steps are simple, but tried and true. I hope they help take some of the stress out of a relocation, a new school, or simply finding help for a child's new interest or new needs.

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