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Easy Minecraft Cake For Girls With Pictures

Minecraft Cake for girls, Minecraft cake, Minecraft

Girls love Minecraft, but when I searched the internet for help in designing a Minecraft cake that a girl would love... I couldn't find one!

Instead of giving up, I decided to try designing one myself. Hopefully this helps you create a beautiful Minecraft cake for the special girl in your life.

Minecraft decorations, Minecraft cake for girls


You'll need a few easy to find, inexpensive decorating items. Don't be nervous about using these items. I had never used most of these items, before decorating this cake. I'm glad I gave it a try because it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Wilton Fondant - white so you can dye it easily. $6 at Walmart

Betty Crocker Gel bold food colors. $4 at Walmart

Wilton Icing colors - purple (not pictured). Less than $2 at Hobby Lobby with coupon

Silver Pearl Dust (optional) to make Minecraft letters shiny and grey - $4

Buttercream Frosting or Purple decorating icing (optional) to write Happy Birthday on the cake - or you could have the Publix bakery do it.

Minecraft cake for girls, Minecraft fondant, Minecraft for girls


Make a ball about the size of a small apple with the fondant.

Knead the fondant in your hands to make the fondant easy to roll and shape. Roll fondant flat and even so letters end up same thickness.

Cut rectangles the same size.

Use a toothpick to write a letter on each of the rectangles to spell out minecraft in block letters.

Cut out the block letters with a knife.

Minecraft cake for girls


Sprinkle with Pearl Dust to create a shiny grey color.

Minecraft cake for girls, Minecraft cake decorating

I used my fingers to rub the dust onto the the letters. You could use a small pastry brush if you'd like.

Minecraft cake, Minecraft cake for girls


Oops! I didn't take many pictures of the characters but the process is fairly simple. If you can create with Play-Doh, then you can create with fondant too. Minecraft characters are super easy since it's mostly squares.

I used black icing coloring for the piggy's eyes.

I used black fondant for the hair, eyes, and mouth on the girl.

The toothpick was used to hold all the pieces of the girl together.

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Minecraft fondant, Minecraft black girl

These are from a few days after the celebration


Get a piece of fondant the size of the shape you're wanting to make. For example, for the head, you just need a small circle to create the square.

Make an indent in the fondant and squeeze a small amount of the dye into the indent.

Fold the fondant around the dye, then knead the fondant to distribute the color evenly.

Add more dye as needed to attain the color you want.

Shape the pieces as desired.


Do what works best for your family. For me, it was easiest to purchase a yummy cake from Publix. I ordered a quarter sheet cake decorated with white buttercream frosting and a purple border.

Of course I chose purple because that's my girl's favorite color. At home, I sprayed the cake lightly with the purple Color Mist by Wilton.

Minecraft cake for girls


I had a few oopsies placing the letters on the cake, but that's how it goes when you're a novice. I dyed some buttercream frosting purple so I could write Happy 13th Birthday on the cake.

The little piggy was a last minute idea. I had so much fun creating the other fondant pieces, that I wanted to keep going. The piggy is all squares and rectangles, super easy to create. I rubbed a tiny bit of water on the areas where the piggy parts met as glue to hold them together.

Minecraft cake for black girls


After watching me create some of the pieces, my girl decided to try her skills at creating something. Since she loves Pokemon, she created this super cute Poke'ball to add to the cake.

The cake turned out great and my girl's birthday was indeed a Happy one. We can't wait to try our newly formed decorating skills on other cakes.

Have you tried decorating any cakes? Do you have any suggestions on how this cake could be created any easier?

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