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"Powerpuff Yourself" Thanks to Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Yourself "Cartoon Network"

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. That's right, our favorite superheroes are back and they're giving us an opportunity to join them. Well, sort of.

Cartoon Network launched the "Powerpuff Yourself", which lets you create a Powerpuff superhero in your own likeness. There are tons of customization options: pick skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, outfits, accessories and animated backgrounds.

You can get the whole family in on this awesomeness because there are even options for the guys as well! When you're done, you can download static images, desktop wallpaper and some pretty cool GIFs.

"Powerpuff Yourself" "powerpuff girls" "cartoon network"

Jill King, Senior VP of Marketing for CN said, “Early on, brainstorming, we wanted to give kids the opportunities to remix the Powerpuff Girls in their own ways. The team worked around the clock to create tons of different options and be super inclusive.” The feature has a range of skin colors, eye colors, glasses designs, hairstyles, and facial hair so there are lots of possibilities! (Some of the patterns you can choose for the eyes are a bit scary, but to each their own.) King also notes that “There are nods to other contemporary things relevant in kids’ lives.” Powerpuff Yourself includes some fun Cartoon Network Easter Eggs, including Finn hat from Adventure Time, images from The Bare Bears, and other stuff I probably didn’t catch. (via USA Today)

Powerpuff yourself Powerpuff girls, Cartoon Network

This Afro puff wearing, book writing, purple-eyed fashionista is what I came up with. I think she's pretty out of this world!


Click this link to "Powerpuff Yourself". We'd love to see your amazing superhero creations over on our FACEBOOK page.

You can also TWEET them to us @HelpingKidsRise and we'll retweet and share them out. Can't wait to see the great superheroes you create!

The Powerpuff Girls premiers this Monday, April 4th. We'll be watching Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, will you?

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