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The Wake Up Call That Could Save A Life

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If you have allergy sufferers in your life, you’ve seen your share of sinus infections, respiratory infections, and itchy red eyes. Despite following these proven methods for reducing allergens, sometimes we still get sick. Since I’ve seen these illnesses occur more times than I'd like, I can quickly identify and treat them. But this year was a little bit different.

My son came home feeling icky with all of the usual symptoms of a sinus infection. I broke out all of my natural home remedies (and a few over the counter remedies) and got to work!

A few days into treatment, things weren’t progressing as usual.

  • His temperature was high for 3 nights in a row

  • He had a cough that wasn’t getting better

  • His breathing seemed labored

  • His heart seemed to be beating a little faster

But he was still playing, laughing, eating and in good spirits. That didn’t make sense to me so I decided to him to the doctor. Within in minutes of sharing his symptoms we were sent to radiology for an X-RAY. Although initially the symptoms

looked familiar, this wasn’t just the simple sinus infection. The results showed that my son had Pneumonia! Boy was I glad I followed my gut and took him in.

"This was a wake up call for me"

Pneumonia is a serious, sometimes deadly illness. I’m sharing this in hopes that it will help prevent a serious illness going untreated in someone else's child. I will never again assume that I know exactly what the illness is just because it mimics a previous one.

Remember: Each illness is its own unique situation and deserves its own unique love and treatment.

Beat Seasonal Allergies Kids


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