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Childhood Cancer Affects Entire Communities

Childhood Cancer American Cancer Society

"When a child is diagnosed with cancer, an entire community is diagnosed with cancer. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, schoolmates, neighbors—even cyberspace friends—are moved by something we all feel intuitively: kids should never have to experience cancer." - (Pablove.Org)

Childhood Cancer Facts American Cancer Society

For more information on how childhood cancer affects our communities visit the Pablove Foundation.


The Cancer Thrift Store of Beaufort, one of our community partners, is working to help cancer patients while bringing awareness to preventative measures and ways the community can help in the fight against cancer.

The Cancer Thrift Store helps the fight cancer in 3 POWERFUL WAYS:

FINANCIAL: support for cancer patients EMOTIONAL: wigs, hair pieces, fellowship AWARENESS: cancer education programs

You can help too! Starting April 1st, you can participate in a community wide effort called Lowcountry Giving Day. The community will unite to support Non-profit organizations who make a difference.

Cancer Thrift Store of Beaufort #CancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancer

Find more information visit their website at Cancer Thrift Store

You can also visit: to donate now.