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6 Important Reasons Parents Need to Unite

In the post No Recess, No School I shared how my homeschool journey began. We had a number of issues with my daughter’s public school that were not addressed, despite my countless efforts.

In the post, I mentioned the one statement from that ordeal that I will never forget. “You’re the only one complaining.” That was the Principal’s statement to me the 4th and final time I met with her about everything that was going on.

When I left that meeting, I went directly to the local Homeschool Association and got all the information I needed to start homeschooling my child. The next week, I withdrew my daughter from that school and The Happy Learning Homeschool Academy opened!

But back to that statement… ”You’re the only one complaining.” That statement has stuck with me because it taught me about the power of uniting. It’s why I advocate so passionately for parent involvement.

There are 6 things that happen when parents unite:

1. When parents unite we are unstoppable. We are the most important stakeholders in education. Our opinions matter and collectively we can change anything.

2. When parents unite we make things better for our children. Like-minded parents need to support one another and show up when it matters most. When we demand better, we will get better.

3. When parents unite lawmakers listen. There is power in our vote and power in lobbying for children’s education and rights.

4. When parents unite we teach our kids how to advocate for themselves. Our children are following our leads. When they see us speak up for them, they learn how to speak up for themselves.

5. When parents unite we tell our kids they matter. Our children are watching us. They learn more from what we do than from what we say. When we come together on their behalf we our actions say they matter.

6. When parents unite we become informed and we help inform others. No one is good at everything. Working together allows us to share insight and experience, which helps us all be informed advocates.

I don’t want anyone else to have to sit in a meeting and be told, “You’re the only one complaining.” We have to support each other in advocating for children’s education.

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This post was written by Cee White, author of the author of the award winning book: "The Path to Success for Your Child", where she shares 20 years of experience as an educator, mother and military spouse to help parents become informed advocates to help their children succeed.

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