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FREE Homeschool Resources to Get You Started

There are a ton of FREE resources available for educating your child. I recently found a few Youtube channels that share information about Homeschooling. These channels offer help with choosing curriculum, organizing, setting a schedule, saving money, and more. Here are just a few of the channels I found. If you click through Youtube you can find even more.

Note: You can click the vlogger's highlighted name to find more videos and information about the vlogger.

Raising Clovers has lots of Homeschool Tips

Mocha Mommy has awesome resources too

The Encouraging Homeschool Mom offers great tips for saving money while homeschooling

Money and support are two of the most cited obstacles to homeschooling.

Helping Kids Rise offers the support along with information about resources that can help reduce the financial strains that sometimes come with homeschooling.

Visit The Path to Success for Your Child to get crucial information you need to know before making decisions about your child's education. You will learn how to be creative to find the education options that help maximize your child's opportunities. You will also learn how to be an informed advocate to help your child achieve academic success.

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