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No Recess, No School: How My Homeschooling Journey Began

My no recess radar activated when my daughter was in 4th grade. She would come home 3 or 4 days a week with news that recess had been taken from the entire class. THREE to FOUR days out of her FIVE day school week, her class was punished by having recess taken away.

How to Homeschool

I tried to stay positive. Maybe this was a short-term tactic that the teacher was trying to get the kids to shape up and do the right thing. But the “no recess trend” continued well into the 3rd month of school. So, I voiced my concerns to the teacher. She was a first year teacher, overwhelmed and unsure of how to gain control of the class. Nothing changed.

Next, I spoke to the Principal. I questioned why the entire class was being punished when there were only a few who didn’t follow the rules. I wondered what the end game was. When would the entire class meet the expectation needed to allow for recess? The Principal told me that I was the only parent who complained, so she didn’t see it as an issue. I’ll never forget that statement. And of course, nothing changed.

"You're the only one complaining."

I started feeling sick to my stomach dropping my daughter off at that school. Friends and family members didn’t understand my issue with the school. They thought it wasn't a big deal, but it was because that wasn’t the educational environment I had envisioned for my child. I wanted her to have a school that encouraged her, allowed her to thrive and be happy. Instead, she was sad. She came home tired and drained from a day full of lecturing, worksheets, and plenty of yelling.

The problem was the poor classroom management, inconsistent discipline, and inexperienced teachers with no support. I knew I couldn’t let this school shape my daughters formative years, so I began to look for alternatives. That’s when I was introduced to the wonders of Homeschool.

I did lots of research to understand the homechool process. Then, I took that first step forward and never looked back! I will admit that it was scary. No one in my family had ever homeschooled. Many of them thought I was crazy for doing it, but that was mostly because they didn't know anything about it. I didn't let that stop me though. I had to do what I thought was best. It was the scariest and best decision I've ever made for my daughter’s well-being. And because of that, she is thriving academically, socially, and emotionally and I couldn't be any happier with her success. Remember that there are always options to getting quality education for your child. Do a little research and you're sure to find an option that will work great for your family.

This is part 1 in our 5 part series: Parents can Bring Recess Back

This post was written by Cee White, author of the award winning book: "The Path to Success for Your Child", where she shares 20 years of experience as an educator, mother and military spouse to help parents become informed advocates to help their children succeed.

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