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Minecraft: Education is better when it's all fun and games

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox construction video game from Mojang Studios that tasks the player with surviving in a massive open-world setting by relying on natural resources, mining, and crafting.

Our resident youth blogger, April Mcalister loves Minecraft, as evidenced through the countless hours she spends creating her Minecraft YouTube Series. You can check out her latest post here: Gamer Girls: Making Our Own Rules!

April loves that she has a chance to tell her own story. She can create a world that's all her own. There is no one telling her how things should look or how they should operate. Minecraft makes players feel like they are the rulers of their own destiny.

Determination and confidence, that's something many parents want for their children. Minecraft helps foster that skill.

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Here are 5 other unexpected ways Minecraft is educating children and proving that it's more than just another video game.

1. Teaches computer literacy - many of the files in the game are able to be modified by the player. This means kids are pushing themselves to learn how to add new "mods" to the game through coding and changing the software files.

2. Inspires creativity - The possiblities are limitless on how players can create their worlds.

3. Promotes Literacy - there is plenty of reading throughout the game. Players also use Minecraft survival guides to learn new strategies for building in the game.

4. Teaches inclusiveness - The game allows kids of all different levels of experience to play together in the same world. It also allows players to play to their own strengths; the problem solvers, the tinkerers and the storytellers have as much fun as those who want to create and foster communities.

5. Teaches Resiliency and Problem Solving Skills - the game can inspire students’ higher-level and critical thinking. When things don't work out quite as expected, say someone completely destroys something they've built or a mod doesn't load the way they want, they go back to the drawing board to start again. They feel ownership and care enough about their "worlds" to stick with it and fix things.

This video shows how some really awesome teachers are using Minecraft in their classrooms. (Video: Youtube)

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