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Gwen Jimmere: Building a Natural Hair Care Legacy

Gwen Jimmere is the first African American woman to be issued a patent for a natural haircare product NATURALICIOUS. In an article published on Entrepreneur.Com, Gwen shares that her product was created out of neccesity.

Like many of us on the natural haircare journey Gwen was always searching for products that made taking care of her hair easier. Instead of using products filled with chemicals, she decided to make her own product.

Photo: GwenJimmere.com

According to the article, after sharing her product with family, friends, and eventually paying customers, Gwen decided to pursue a patent to protect her intellectual property. To save money on patent fees, Gwen researched the patent process and did most of the paper work on her own.

Gwen has a message for other entrepreneurs: Protect your creations!

“The patent gives me leverage and can be a part of wealth building. I really want women entrepreneurs to start legally owning our creations via intellectual property. We innovate incredible things all the time,” she says. “Consider patenting these inventions. Think about protecting yourself, your business and your legacy.”

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