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6 Things Solange's Sisterly Love to Amandla Can Teach Girls

Solange showed some serious sisterly love to Amandla Stenberg and I'm loving it! Solange interviewed Amandla for Teen Vogue's February cover story. She gave us a peek into the awesomeness of it all through a social media post:

Amandla Stenberg Teen Vogue

Here's what our girls can learn from this

1. Amandla Stenberg on the cover of Teen Vogue is EVERYTHING.

Let me be honest, I don’t subscribe to Teen Vogue. I thought about doing it once, but after perusing an issue and not seeing myself represented in any way, I decided against it. Putting Amandla on the cover was a huge step in the right direction. Our young black princesses get to see themselves represented in a powerful way. Maybe I’ll revisit that subscription thing. At the very least, I'll be getting a few copies of the February issue of the magazine.

2. It’s time out for hating and judging.

America has served us huge helpings of “black is wack” for hundreds of years. That propaganda taught us to hate ourselves. That hate carried over into how we treat each other – always looking to one up each other. Always looking for the wrong in her, in hopes that it makes us look better. We’re all amazing and it’s time we recognize it and love our sisters as we love ourselves. #SisterlyLove

3. #BlackGirlMagic is real.

Magic is illusion. You see it happening, but you can’t explain how it happened. #BlackGirlMagic is no different. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You can’t define it specifically. You just know that it’s there. As Solange says…”sprinkle your #BlackGirlMagic in every crevice of the world!”

4. Young girls (and women) have an "in your face" reminder of their awesomeness!

Black Girls are amazing - So amazing in fact, that there have been deep seeded efforts - for hundreds of years in America - to diminish our greatness. Women like Solange and Amandla remind us of the importance to claim our crowns and flaunt our awesomeness.

Amandla Stenberg Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue

5. Amandla Stenberg is THAT girl!

Our voices are powerful and Amandla knows it. She uses her voice to bring light to darkest corners of the world. She enlightens and uplifts. Amandla is a great example of how strong we are. She uses her voice without fear because she owns who she is. She unapologetically tells her truth.

6. An educated woman rules her world.

Education is much more than reading, writing, and math. It's understanding our history, our world, current events, and politics. Education is thinking critically and analyzing information for how it relates to our lives. It’s applying everything we learn to our world and RULING IT! Amandla Stenberg does just that! She’s educated and she’s educating everyone around her too. Everyone remembers Amandla taking #KylieJenner to school about cultural appropriation ....and Justin Bieber had the nerve to "come to Kylie's rescue." Have a seat Beebs! You're no match for Princess Amandla!

Watch Amandla sprinkle some of that #BlackGirlMagic:

Watch: Don't Cash Crop on My Cornrows

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