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Representation is Education: How Missy Elliot Changed Lives

I was perusing YouTube late last night - as I usually do when there are too many thoughts running through my mind to allow me to sleep -when I stumbled upon a bit of beauty. I discovered a poet whose words took my thoughts, put them in a nice easy to open package and wrapped them in a bow. This poet was Ashlee Haze, a beauty and brains brown girl out of Atlanta.

She eloquently delivered a poem about how discovering the genius who is Missy Elliot at the tender age of 8 opened a whole world up to her. She dropped bombs of knowledge about why representation in the media mattered...recounting the time a young black girl didn't know who Missy was when she performed at the Superbowl. Missy is one of the GREATEST who ever did it, so the fact that some of our babes don't know her is a travesty indeed. Ashlee says that because of Missy's existence:

"I believed that a fat black girl from Chicago

could dance until she felt pretty

could be sexy and cool

could be a woman playing a man’s game

and be unapologetically fly"

Hear Ashlee deliver her "For Colored Girls" poem as only she could:

Representation is education. It wakes us up to the world around us and introduces us to the possibilities in our reach.

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