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5 Things You Can Do Now to Create a More Fulfilling Life

self-love for moms

I recently saw a video of Jada Pinkett-Smith sharing some of life's wisdom with her daughter Willow. Much of what she shares are things we all know, but often forget.

Watching the video was a reminder of the importance of self-care. Sometimes moms become too focused on taking care of everyone else and forget to care for themselves.

One of the best things you can do for your loved ones, is take care of you. Be an example of what self-love looks like. Find something that makes you happy and do it as often as possible. Make YOU a priority.

Here are some other things we can do to create a more fulfilling life.

1. Always take care of yourself first

There’s nothing wrong with helping others. In fact, helping others is what life is all about, but sometimes we go too far. We forget about ourselves and we end up a wreck. We are no good to others, if we are worn out and empty.

2. Communication is important for a fulfilled life

Life is a journey and we're not meant to do it alone. We’re all trying to figure this thing out. No matter how together a person seems, you can bet there is plenty they’re still learning and figuring out. Sometimes we isolate ourselves by holding in our fears, failures, and insecurities. Communication helps us find others who are going through the same things or who can help us on our journey.

3. We are responsible for our own happiness

No person can make us happy. They just can’t. It is our job to figure out what makes us happy and make those things happen. It's not his fault you're unhappy. It's not their fault either. People can assist us in finding happiness, but they can’t be responsible for it.

4. Create new messaging for your life

We are constantly sent messages about what is expected from us. Good girls don’t do this, pretty girls look like that. Good moms do this, women should be that.

We have to create messages that work for us. Let’s take marriage for example. Maybe you don’t want to be married…that’s ok. Marriage is a serious commitment and a lot of work. It can be good, but it can be really bad.

Society sends the message that we should all seek to be married. If that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, then change the message. People will try to challenge you, but you’re not living for them, you’re living for you…so who cares what they think?

5. Consistently seek to find balance in your life

Our lives are full of different responsibilities, dreams, and goals. We are being pulled in many different directions. Every day we have to find balance. Each new moment, hour, and day is an opportunity to find that balance.

Our priorities will shift many times throughout life’s journey, but as long as we find the balance, we will find happiness.

Jada Pinkett- Smith talks with her daughter about Life's Journey



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