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Life's Biggest Lessons Often Come From Mistakes #MissUniverse2015

Everything is a lesson and an opportunity to learn, even when it doesn't happen directly to you. Here are 5 lessons I learned while watching this #MissUniverse2015 blunder unfold: 1. Live with integrity.

Steve’s handling of the situation was a great example of the courage it takes to live with integrity. He took responsibility for the mistake and fixed it just as publicly as it happened. He could have waited until the cameras were off to correct his mistake or allowed someone else to address it. Instead, he stood in integrity and allowed the real winner to be crowned publicly.

Steve Harvey Apology Tweet

2. Some situations that seem like mistakes can actually be a blessing.

People who never watched or maybe never even heard of the Miss Universe pageant, are well aware of its existence because of this blunder. Also, besides her fans, who would know Miss Colombia if this mistake hadn’t occurred? Ariadna Gutierrez will be more famous than she ever would have been if things had gone right.

3. Miss Philippine's triumph is a reminder that no one can take your crown.

They may borrow it for a short time and it may appear that they have it for good... but in the end, what's yours is yours. The Universe always balances things out. 4. Serve God, not people.

Don’t measure your worth by those who praise you because when you make a mistake...as we all do sometimes...those who praise may be the very ones laughing and pointing the finger at your fall. GetYourGloryFromGod 5. Choose your team, your circle, your friendships wisely.

Some of Steve's fans turned on him very quickly after his very human mistake, some in very degrading and racist ways. Everyone who says they're rooting for you are not always there for your #RISE. Some are trying to be close so they can have a ringside seat for your fall. A strong circle of friends, will be there to soften the blow, shield you from the fakes, and help you rise above tour mistakes.

Steve Harvey Miss America


This Dec 2014/Jan2015 Black Enterprise cover and article of Steve Harvey tells another part of the #MissUniverse2015 story. In the issue Steve talks about being a part of the talent side of the Miss Universe Pageant as well as the BUSINESS part of the pageant.

He is hoping to turn the show around the same way he turned around Family Feud. Makes a thinking person wonder about the genuis behind the naming of the wrong Miss Universe winner. We'll be watching to see Steve continue to work his magic in his latest business venture. #watch #learn # BeInspired

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