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Ava Duvernay Barbie Mania and the Need for Representation

Ava Duvernay's doll recently created Barbie Mania all over the world. Were you able to get your order in for the Ava Duvernay Barbie? If not, the chances are slim that you will get one now. The $65 doll sold out in just minutes and is now selling for more than triple its value on Ebay.

Duvernay Barbie Ebay Prices

In April, Mattel released its Sheroes collection celebrating notable women. The idea was to make one doll to give to the person who the doll represented. That person could auction off the doll in support of charity of their choice. But Duvernay’s fans wouldn’t settle for that!

The Selma director’s Twitter fans insisted that her doll to be released for public sale. After much persistence, Mattel listened (which is another example of what we can do when we come together with a common goal).

DuVernay confirmed in a tweet that her doll would be released for sale to the public and proceeds would go to the nonprofit organizations Color of Change and WITNESS.

The popularity of the doll shows how much we thirst for positive representation. We need to see positive images of ourselves. We need our young girls to see an example of possibilities for themselves. In simply seeing the possiblities a seed is planted in us that inspire us to achieve more for ourselves.

The Ava Duvernay Barbie shows everyone the magic that Black women possess. We are overcomers. We are resilient. We are capable of accomplishing things that oppression has done it’s best to keep out of our reach.

I tried to get my hands on an Ava Duvernay doll for the future Black female directors in my life, but I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. For now, I will continue to share stories about Ava Duvernay and all of the other awesome modern day women that embody the Black Girl Magic that we all need to see.

Photo: Mattel

Ava Duvernay is on a mission to use her gifts and her knowledge to change the world for the better.

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