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Kim Fields exudes Motherhood in the Face of Judgement

Feminism doesn’t just mean giving women the right to fight in combat or to work in jobs traditionally meant for men. Feminism is giving women equal rights and the choice of whatever they choose to do with their lives. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way though.

When a woman chooses dedication to motherhood and marriage over the pursuit of career success or material things, she is often seen as not being driven enough or not living up to her potential. While the feministic movement has done great things for women, we have to be sure its benefits reach all women no matter what their chosen path may be.

Recently I saw a Facebook post that said, I am loving this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Kim Fields was a bad addition because she is so boring. I asked the poster what was so boring about Kim.

The poster went on and on about how Kim only talks about her kids and her husband. She said Kim had nothing going for herself. I responded that Kim uses her energy on building her family and building her career. Why does that make her boring? If that's boring...I'll take it!

Boring isn’t a word anyone would choose to describe themselves. When someone calls you boring, they’re essentially saying there’s nothing interesting about you. OUCH! As Phaedra Parks, the Southern Belle herself would say, Everybody knows that boring on reality TV shows is a no-no because it does not reap high ratings. But does that matter in our everyday lives as well?

Kim Fields is a great addition to the Real Housewives. She brings a refreshing view of womanhood to the show that we don’t often get to see depicted on Reality TV. Kim shows that you can be family-oriented and still be a businesswoman. She shows that it’s ok to actually like being a mother and wife and make that your first priority.

When Phaedra asked Kim what made her excited to wake up in the morning, she tearfully said, carpool and lunches. Phaedra went on to inquire with twisted lips, whether Kim got her nails done weekly. Again the answer was a resounding No.

What about spa dates Phaedra continued, you don’t do that either? Kim's response is one of my favorite lines... as long as I don’t look or smell like a homeless person, I’m good. I’m feeling you on that one Kim!

Phaedra’s inquiries made it seem like Kim’s life was missing something just because she wasn’t hanging out and getting her nails and hair done weekly. Is that what’s required for us to live life to its fullest?

While carpools and lunches may be a nuisance to some, to others it’s everything. Kim likes being with her children and doing things for them. She represents the parents who look forward to things like PTO meetings, basketball games, and carpool.

Maybe everyone can’t or doesn’t want to do these things and that’s ok too. But shouldn’t we give the same respect to those who choose to serve the babies, just as we give respect to those making Boss moves and raking in dollar bills?

Kim represents success. She is an accomplished actress, author, speaker, director, and entrepreneur. Kim has two beautiful children with a husband who adores her as much as she adores him. She is also obviously open to growth and trying new things, given her arrival on the RHOA scene, something that is totally out of her character. Some may want more, but to me, that is success.

Kim Fields, you make boring look really good...

Embrace your boring Kim! Kim's boring provides her with what seems to be a happy and drama-free life. As her husband mentioned in an episode, Kim may not have many friends, but I bet the ones she does have are real and true. I bet she has family who supports her, her endeavors, and even her boring ways.

Maybe one day Kim will be the one in search of the hottest party scene or the Boss Chick looking to achieve success through power or money. But for now, she seems happy being the mother and wife who finds peace and joy in the things that having a happy family can bring.

Kim should guard her life and family from people’s outside perspective. People's judgement can sometimes cause us to devalue the things we hold so dear. Kim you make boring look really good. Thanks for being a positive example of one of the many possibilities life can offer women.

Photo: Kim and her sons - Huffington Post

Photo: Kim in silver - Bravo

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