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Discovering Your Purpose Is Easier Than You Think

This simple but powerful thought came to me today. Do what you know.

For the last year or so I've been stressing about what my purpose in life is. Why did God bring me into existence?

I look around and see others doing these grandeous things. Some are CEO's, some educators, others are in the health field. How did they know they wanted to invest their monies into pursuing those careers?

As a military spouse, I was exposed to all kinds of jobs, cultures, people, and opportunities. I've worked in and outside the US. I've held banking positions, administrative positions, and accounting positions. I did all of them well, but wasn't drawn to rise in any of them.

Then it dawned on me to simply do what I know. So I started jotting down the various positions I've held and tried to find a common theme. The common theme I found was education, children, and writing. No matter where we lived or what my paid position was, I always found myself buried deep in education, children, and writing.

I've volunteered with youth organizations all over the US and overseas. About 9 years ago I even helped build a youth nonprofit org that still thrives today.

I've always been drawn to support youth. They are innocent and deserve protection and safe places to grow. In my service to youth, I usually found myself being a teacher's assistant, PTO leader, or something that dealt with education.

My writing skills have been equally sharpened all over the world. I've written for various newspapers, magazines, and education publications. I love writing and inspiring others using words.

My list made everything clear. I was meant to educate, inspire, and inform using my writing. So that's what I started doing. I've been writing consistently over the last 6 months and loving every moment of it. The more I wrote, the more clear my purpose became.

If you're wondering what you were put on this Earth to do, just start doing. Start doing what you know. Before you realize it, you won't be wondering anymore, you will be embracing and you will be happier than you've ever been before.

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