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The Secret To Happiness

Have you ever asked why? Why people do the things they do, good or bad. Why? Why you do the things you do? I was recently given a very simple answer to this pressing question. Are you ready for it?

Here it is - Your actions reflect your soul. Just let that sit in a minute. Your actions reflect your soul. When I first heard this statement I felt like i had been given the key to a secret underground treasure. I immediately understoood the depth of those 5 profound words.

I can't count the number of times I've heard a horrible story and wondered why. Why did they do that? How could they do that? There's usually some sort of backstory about circumstances surrounding the incident, but we never fully get the understanding of the why.

I'm a part-time teacher who works with middle school students almost every day. I've been working in the school system in some capacity for over 15 years now. I can attest that the environment at many schools have changed.

I often find myself asking why throughout the school day. Why are some educators supportive and caring, while others are mean and do the minimum work? Why are some students hardworking and respectful, while others are angry, rude, and sneaky?

Teachers are more "hip", with the latest fashions and trends. They play the hottest tunes and do the latest dances. Students can find their teachers on just about every social media platform and peruse pictures of family life, nightlife, and any drama that happens to be going on as well.

I find myself wondering why some educators don't hold themselves to a higher standard. Why is their no limit to their "cool" behavior. I wonder what's bottled up in their souls.

"The only thing required is that you be willing to make it happen."

Students are different as well. They are more vocal. In some cases, it's a great thing. We want our children to use their voices and speak up for things that matter to them. It's imperative for them to survive in our world. However, the level to which some students are using their voices go far beyond just "using their voices".

Some of them are downright rude and disrespectful. I'm not even sure they realize that they are being rude. It's become the norm to some of them because it's what they carry around inside them. Whether its good or bad, what comes out is what's in their souls. Scary to think that at their young ages some students can harbor so much pain in their soul.

So, back to the "secret". The why to many actions can be found in the discovery of the souls. When we get into the experiences people have had, good or bad, we can often find the why.

The work: What's in your soul? What do your actions say about you? Pay close attention to your actions, your responses to people and situations. Pat yourself on the back for the good, celebrate what's right. However, if you find something you don't like, look into your soul and work to add the positive things needed to change those actions.

The good thing is that you can always be better. You can always add more good to your soul so that your actions can reflect that good. The only thing required is that you be willing to make it happen.