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Helping Kids Rise is a community-based organization committed to improving the lives of children and the people who love them.


We promote a better understanding of the issues that children face by working with youth, educational institutions, parents, and individuals who are committed to helping kids and their loved ones rise. We equip parents with the resources they need to be effective advocates for their children. Collaborating with the community, we are able to present a united force for the betterment of all children and their families.



Too many of our children are being educated by schools that are below average. Our country is full of technology and innovation, but all children and families don't have access to the benefits these things can bring.  Many parents are either unaware of how important education advocacy is or simply don't know how to be effective advocators.  Our goal is to give parents access to the tools they need to help their children while also providing resources that help parents fulfill the dreams they have for their own lives.



Helping Kids Rise envisions a society where all children have access to quality education. We envision educators, parents, and communities working together to provide quality education to better the lives of children. We envision a society that supports parents in their goals as individuals as well.



Helping Kids Rise is committed to improving the lives of children and the people who love them.


We accomplish this by:

  • Promoting a better understanding of childhood and what matters to children from a child's point of view. 

  • Building relationships with educational institutions, organizations, professionals, and individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of children.

  • Equipping parents with the tools and resources needed to be effective advocates for their children

  • Advocating for education policies and programs in collaboration with our community because we are more powerful together.

  • Providing resources for parents to reach their goals and find happiness in their own lives.




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